Travels with Wee Tam

A Dog's Guide to the Best Dog Friendly Accommodation in Scotland

Seaside and Lochs 

Scotland has so many beautiful beaches and lochs that are brilliant for water-loving dogs and owners to make a splash in. Tam and I have been paddling and swimming our way around them and trying out the best waterside dog friendly accommodation in Scotland.


Mountains and Munros

Scotland is a fantastic place for spectacular panoramas, whether you are in the mountains of the highlands or the lowland hills. The effort in getting up to the peaks is more than rewarded by the joy of being on top of the world. Here are our favourite dog friendly places to stay. 


Pampered Pooch

Ah! Sometimes it's nice to just get away and here are some lovely places to chill and be pampered.
Hot tubs, soothing therapies, a cosy fireside, a lovely garden to potter or just sit in...let's rest and recharge in of our luxury dog friendly places!


Scottish Highlands 

Scotland's most visited holiday destination, the land of castles, mountains and lochs, is great for exploring, sight seeing and all kinds of outdoor activites. Many of the dog friendly cottages here have kennels for outdoor sporting dogs but there are plenty of places for house dogs too!



Scottish Islands

From Arran in the south, to the Western Isles, to Shetland in the north, Scotland's many and varied islands are as lovely as they come. Any journey involving a boat trip has an extra special going-on-an-adventure feel to it and the best dog friendly accommodation is bound to be by the sea.



Scottish Lowlands

Scenically dramatic and varied and yet often less visited than the highlands, we love to get away on the quiet roads and explore the beautiful lochs, rivers, hills and shorelines of central and southern Scotland. We'd like to share some really special dog friendly places with you.



Wee Tam's Story

Wee Tam may be wee but he's so full of beans that he never runs out of steam! He's really a big dog in an extra small coat. Ever since he became part of our family, he's wanted to join in with everything - walking (or in his case galloping mightily quickly), swimming, kayaking - oh and crashing out on a deckchair, enjoying the sunshine. I hate to leave him out as his enthusiasm makes everything we do together much more fun and he is so funny that as well as the cute factor he has the comedy factor, too.
My job involves travelling and writing, so everywhere I stay has to be as dog friendly as it is human friendly. This doesn't just mean 'dogs allowed' (sometimes a reluctant concession) but 'dogs positively welcome'.
We've put a lot of effort into finding some really great dog friendly accommodation in Scotland and would like to share our favourites with you in Wee Tam's wee guide. We hope you agree that our choice of dog friendly places to stay on Travels with Wee Tam are the best in Scotland - please do get in touch with us and let us know - or let us know if you have found somewhere that we haven't!
Catherine and WeeTam

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